Slazenger Tennis Balls

29 x 19 1/4 inches (73 1/2 x 49 cm)


The British firm Slazenger was founded in 1881 when brothers Ralph and Albert Slazenger moved their rainwear business from Manchester to London in an effort to find new products to maintain their business in the summer months. They decided to manufacture rackets and balls for the new game “Sphairistike” invented a few years earlier by Major Walter Clopton Wingfield.

Major Wingfield’s new game has become tennis, one of the world’s most international sports, and Slazenger’s has grown from a family business to an international organization selling sporting goods in almost every country in the world.

The company’s first major breakthrough in the tennis market was the adoption of their tennis balls and equipment for the Wimbledon Championship in 1902, an honor that they have guarded zealously ever since. Slazenger is now moving into its second century as Wimbledon’s official supplier, one of the longest sponsorship associations in sporting history. This year, 52,000 tennis balls will be supplied to the tournament. Each ball will be tested for weight, bounce and compression.



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